Research shows that achieving happiness in bed may be as simple as imagining it. If you are feeling conflicted about any aspect of your sexual life, mental imagery can help. For example, masturbation is sex. If you are masturbating, you have a healthy sex life. If you are currently single, or between love affairs, get your masturbation routine happening.


Visualization is important for mental happiness and emotional wellbeing. But there is evidence now that emotional well being contributes to physical fitness as well. It may be that visualization actually improves your physical health.


When you masturbate, play around with it for variety. Use visualization along with your favorite type of pornography. It’s no secret that here at AJAX Books we highly recommend reading material (particularly ours) to keep your brain busy and active and happy while you engage in self-pleasure. However now is an excellent time to build up a pleasure dome of sexual websites, videos, books, and music that eroticizes you.


If ‘that’ girl or guy is pissing you off with their ghosting, egomaniacal social media, or whatever else, get them back by not needing them.


Get yourself into deep masturbation pleasures. Shake it up and shake them off.




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