Lockdown, lockdown, lockdown!

It’s all we can talk about, think about!

It’s upon us and we have to deal with it. One of the most difficult things for singles is missing out on the sexual parts of their lives.

For couples, all the talk is about having dates at home. But for singles, who aren’t allowed to go out to bars and clubs etc, this whole ‘no-sex-thing’ can get very fraught.

From all the reading around that, we do, one of the best suggestions we have found involves a bit of creativity. But we liked the idea of taking yourself on an erotic date. This means, during lockdown, you have to nurture and protect your erotic side, even if you are alone.

Things to give yourself if you are on an erotic date with yourself:

  1. Make sure you set aside the time.
  2. Get yourself a delivery of something nice. A bottle of wine, a cheese or a new sex toy. Something that floats your boat.
  3. Make yourself a good dinner. Cook your own favorite dish.
  4. Do a little research and get yourself some of your favorite porn or erotica.
  5. Masturbate but in a long slow way. Guys, practice going slow. Women practice multiples.
  6. If you don’t want to add sex, that’s totally ok. You might just want to go to bed with a book.

The most important thing is that you give yourself ‘special’ alone and private time to honor your own tastes and desires.

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