We found the following statistics from the Match survey to be very interesting.

  1. Number of sex partners: Of those who had sex during the pandemic, 16% had it with just one partner, 5% had two partners, 3% had three and 5% had four or more.
  2.  Politics: 30% of singles think that debating political issues with a date is sexy. But more independents enjoy debating politics (46%) compared to Democrats (33%) and Republicans (29%).
  3.  Interracial dating: 24% of singles are now more open to dating someone of a different race or ethnicity since the killing of George Floyd and the ongoing protests for racial justice.
  4.  Black Lives Matter: 59% of singles want to know if their date supports Black Lives Matter.
  5.  Video dating: 19% of singles video-dated during the pandemic. Of those who did so, 59% said they had more meaningful conversations while 63% became less worried about their appearance when video dating.
  6.  Masturbation: 16% of singles overall said they masturbated more frequently.
  7.  Breakups: 26% of singles broke up during lockdown, and 22% of singles lost contact with a potential date.

It’s probably no surprise that dating has changed significantly in the pandemic. However, it seems that issues like the U.S. election and the Black Lives Matter marches have made almost as great an impact. It’s also good to see that interracial dating is up and also that people are more willing to video date. We have a lot of video in our lives now, and we are finding it brings people together. We can’t help but think it’s a good thing.

Still, we can’t wait till we can all get together again at the local or a wine bar. And of course, more than anything we hope that people will stop getting sick from this terrible disease.

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