Match’s recent survey (more than 50,000 single Americans across the United States) has found that during the pandemic a serious edge has come into the online dating scene.

Participants want to know if you’re willing to wear a mask on a date, what your political affiliation is and what your financial status and aspirations are. Singles are not willing to take risks on short term or ‘lower status’ style of date anymore, preferring to save the risk for more acceptable applicants.

Since Donald Trump became the president, there has been a 25% increase in singles who think you can’t date outside your political beliefs.

Also, 54% of Republicans and 44% of Democrats found that they can’t date someone from the other side of politics.

While 30% of singles feel that debating politics is sexy, only 46% percent of independents want to do it, 33% of Democrats and 29% of Republicans actually want to include it on their date.

Food for thought.

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