One of the great things about sex is how you feel when it’s all over. That joyful relaxation that happens from orgasm is so pure and relaxing.

However, there is a little more than just post-orgasm happening. If you allow afterglow to take you over, you will have a profound experience of intimacy. This does not have to be with your partner, or any other person. It can be a feeling you might have with all of creation, god, the divine spirit or the universe. Whatever you want to call the ‘thing’ that goes on outside of you that gives you pleasure to think about.

Just after orgasm, or after sexual congress without orgasm, afterglow gives you this radiating sense of peace. Even the young person perched in front of porn performing their sixth wank of the day experiences afterglow.

Afterglow is something. It’s all part of the joy of sexual congress that allows you to experience an absence of stress.

You don’t have to believe in something to have a moment where you feel calm and relaxed. That experience is no threat to your autonomy or intellectual experience of the world. It doesn’t have to be airy-fairy. Just let a moment that your body offers you happen without judgment. Learning how to enjoy pleasure is part of having a working, functioning human body.

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