It’s important, now more than ever before, to stop your monkey brain when you come into the bedroom. Sex, whether alone or with a partner, is more important in times of great stress, as it is an essential relief of those feelings.

Often when we are stressed, one of the signs of this is an out of control mind flitting from thing to thing incessantly. You can’t control your mind’s carry-on all the time, but monkey brain is when this flitting from thing to thing (usually worry to worry) is incessant and intense.

While sex is a wonderful antidote for this, monkey brain will get in the way of your stress relief and your orgasm. It’s better to have a couple of strategies up your level to handle it, so that when you enter the sex zone, your monkey brain can’t follow.

There are some key strategies for eliminating monkey brain:

  1. Observe your own thoughts. If you practice standing outside of yourself and looking at what your brain is ‘doing’ it’s easier to observe it and not fall victim to it.
  2. Meditation is a wonderful way to relax and gain control of many aspects of your life. Give yourself the gift of learning how to do it.
  3. Get into journaling. It has benefits similar to meditation.
  4. Build focus. Focus is a habit. Nothing more. If you work on building your focus muscles, you will be able to drag focus out at moment’s notice and use it as a tool.
  5. Grounding hugs. If you are about to go into a sexual space with your partner and you can’t calm down, learn how to give and receive grounding hugs. Breathe together to focus on unity and togetherness and find your happy place. Take that into the bedroom.

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