Plastic wrap doesn’t get enough of a plug these days, so we thought we’d give it a bit of love.

Plastic wrap is still the very best tool for rimming and cunnilingus. While we don’t necessarily want to encourage home made tools for sexy use at home, we do want to encourage the use of plastic wrap when no dental dam is available.

As usual, this is an area where the queer community is all over the straight community.  Rather than not trying rimming or restricting use, grab a bit of plastic wrap from the cupboard and have it ready when you’re about to thrill your partner. You may not feel that you need it for oral sex, but the same mindset may lead you to fear oral in the anal region. Using your clingfilm might help you get a little freakier.

Dental dams are squares of latex or silicone. Removed from its package and placed over a woman’s vulva gives her partner permission to get down to business. Using cling film might end up being better than the skin on skin option if you get it right because it can end up being a softer more sensual experience.

Safe sex is taking on new meaning in a post-COVID-19 world. Anything you can do to get your head around the practice and implement safety at a playful and enjoyable level that includes experience will help with adapting to strange and new times.

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