You are responsible for your own pleasure.


You are responsible for what you have asked for, how you receive it, how much you allow, and what you do with it. It is up to you to tell your partner where your boundaries are, and it is up to you to work out what your boundaries are for yourself.


When the person you are with does not honor the above, you are no longer having sex. You are part of something else.


It is important to stop thinking your partner is the source of your orgasms. You can’t pressure them into giving you something that you haven’t learned to accept. You can’t blame them for not knowing what you want. You must learn how to tell your partner what you want.


When you realise you are responsible for your own pleasure, all sorts of things fall into place.


However, the most wonderful thing of all, is sexual confidence and sexual self-esteem. You will stop being interested in things you don’t really want and stop offering yourself to people who can’t or won’t give you want you desire.


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