Any and every sexual act should be consented to by the adults involved that are capable of making a decision.

There is no ambiguity here. Consent is ideal that almost everyone agrees upon. Science agrees with mystics, feminists agree with traditional housewives and atheists agree with spiritualists. Sex should never be used against someone, nor should it be entered into with mindlessness.

Any action that involves an individual forced or coerced, under the influence of intoxicants that impair judgement, under the legal age of consent is not able to inform you that they are willing participants in what you suggest. Anyone who is not in a position to inform you with clarity that they consent is not available for sexual congress.

When you don’t have clear consent, you change sex into something else. When you refuse consent and continue to play with the idea without examine your own desire and taking responsibility for it, you change sex into something else. If you are too afraid to declare your own position on sex, you are not with the right person. Consent is never ambiguous. If you are not sure, withdraw.

Consent isn’t ugly, it’s permissive. Consent allows sex to happen. Without consent, sex has been turned into something else.

There is no sex without consent.

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