Sex is believed to have restorative powers in certain spiritual practices. Practices like tantra, most religions and natural healing ideologies find the sexual experience essential to the healing process.


Have you ever experienced tension release from masturbation? Have you ever tried to masturbate when you have a headache and the subsequent orgasm caused your headache to end? Have you ever masturbated in order to get a better night’s sleep?


This is the enormous and restorative power of sex. Orgasm is a potent relaxant. There are very few people who don’t bask in its afterglow. This is the relaxant that many called Sex magic.


Sex is used by religious practice in many different ways. It can be used to show moderation and self-control, it can be used to exemplify certain practices like abstinence or polygamy. It can be used as an influence, and its influence can be treated with great suspicion. Spiritual people sometimes reduce sex to the pure reproductive function in order to control and dismiss it. Sometimes it can be elevated to represent a path to devotion or dignified into a ritual.


All of this exists because of the power of sex. Sex is restorative, it is healing and it is entirely personal.


No wonder so many people try to control it.


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