Happy New Year! You are not a sexual deviant.

It is not what you do in bed that makes you sexually strange.

What makes your sexual desire so perverted is the unrealistic standard you think should apply to your sexuality.

Few of us feel sexually normal. We are all haunted by guilt and neurosis and disruptive desires.

What is most surprising is that disgust and sexuality often go hand in hand. What repulses us could also be intimately entwined with what excites us.


You are not normal. There is no normal.

All of this is the truth about normal when it comes to sex.

It is also normal to fear having these neuroses disclosed.

Here is a wonderful article written by Alain de Botton for Psychology Today that goes into the details more.

Search broad when seeking information about sexual deviancy. Go beyond Urban Dictionary.


What is a sexual deviant?

Sexual deviancy is not related to a pornographic fascination with ‘stuff’ you would never normally do. It’s not even connected to ‘stuff’ you might like to do if circumstances were different.

Sexual disorders are more related to sexual distress because they harm others, are compulsive, or are deemed socially unacceptable.

When you watch trans lovers on your favorite pornography channel and become aroused, you are not a sexual deviant.

Take a look at this article in Psychology today which tells you more about what a sexual deviant is.


You are not a sexual deviant

So happy new year. The big gift from us here at AJAX Books is this:

It’s normal to think your sexuality isn’t normal.


Feel free to explore and examine yourself. Find out how to be responsible for your viewing and reading pleasures and then go for it!

Looking forward to a wonderful year ahead.



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