What is sex addiction?

There is a lot of talk about sex addiction due to the availability of pornography on the internet.

It makes sense that all this porn must affect us. Without giving it much thought, it’s easy to presume it must be bad.

Because how can all that porn be good?

However, this is a flawed argument process. It fails to take into account the various types of pornography that are available, and the various reasons people have a lot of sex or masturbate a lot.

You may be under stress, and masturbate a lot to relieve this. Or you may be bored and use masturbation as something to do.

Watching pornography and masturbating is not a sign you are a sex addict.

In fact, sex addiction is more likely to play itself outside your masturbation.

It’s unhealthy to assume you are a sex addict when you haven’t been tested as one.


Is Masturbation sex addiction?

Masturbation and porn are getting a bad wrap these days, and we here at AJAX Books are sad to see this.

The talk about sex addiction may have made some very healthy people feel they have a problem.

Here at AJAX Books, we’re not quite convinced by the stats and science that claims porn is addictive, though we do agree that not all porn is good for us to consume regularly.

However, we do feel that learning how to manage our sexual content is superior to abstinence or abolition.


Follow the science on Sex Addiction

Therefore, it didn’t come as an enormous surprise to us to find that sex addiction, both the concept and the term are the subject of vigorous debate.

Most experts agree that simply having frequent sex or having sex with many different partners are not signs of addiction.

Sex addiction is more likely to be defined by how you treat others. When you cross a line and your behavior is abusive to others, you may have a problem.

PsychCentral has a good article here on sexual addiction.

We also like this article in Psychology today that gives a deeper perspective.


Attitude matters more than you think.

In fact, far more likely is one’s attitude to one’s sexuality or to those you sleep with is likely to be the problem.

For example, someone who might describe sleeping with a lot of people as ‘sex addiction’ probably has a religious perspective on what is deemed acceptable sexual behavior.

A person who sees themselves as sexually free and pushing against social norms may see sleeping with a lot of people in one week an act of empowering revolution.

Therefore, it is having one’s behavior out of synch with one’s beliefs that is the problem.

Not an addiction to sex.

To learn more about this, hop over to this excellent article in Psychology Today.



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