There is no better time to spice up your sex life than when in lockdown. For many couples, no distraction of outside interests is good for their sex life. For others being cooped up in the house is makes once crave a bit of ‘me’ time in order to find the other attractive.

Try to work out what you need and take responsibility for it. Tell your partner, work out how to make it happen, and come back to them refreshed when you’ve had some space.

It’s a wonderful time to fulfil a couple of ‘office’ style fantasies. Everyone is joking about not wearing pants. What about having a partner sitting under your desk while you’re online and not wearing pants?

What about buying each other a cocktail at ‘after dinner drinks’ time and having it delivered.

What about buying some fairy lights to make a corner of the backyard sexy for after work drinks?

It doesn’t all have to be about booze, but it does have to be about relaxation.

Just whatever you do, turn your lockdown into a time when you get laid. A lot.

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