You’re probably doing some of the best things that encourage effective sexual performance. If you like your coffee, like to workout and eat your vegies then you are already putting in some good effort toward keeping your sexual performance rocketing along.

However, there are some that are not so commonly known. Below is a list of some things you can do to keep your sexual performance at its very best.

  1. If you suffer from premature ejaculation, you’re best to ‘practice’ keeping your ultimate urge in check. When you are alone, go for porn with a slower burn rate. We recommend books (of course) and particularly those you can buy on this website. (grin)
  2. Deep breathing exercises to calm stress. Yeah – stress can inhibit performance. Again, the answer is a little ‘me’ time. Not necessarily to get into it alone, but definitely to connect with your self and de stress.
  3. Omega-3 fatty acids. Get yourself into salmon, sardines, avocadoes and nuts.
  4. Get a bit of sun. That warmth on your bod really does help reinvigorate your interest in the bedroom.
  5. Read erotica instead of watching it. Not kidding. Reading porn can stimulate you to take a little longer, be more creative and see the world in an erotic (rather than titillating) way.
  6. Focus on the foreplay. By concentrating on foreplay, you get more time in intimacy and more time in the erotic build up. It’s all very healthy.
  7. Get a hobby and get really good at it. Became brilliant at making cocktails, or making incredible vegan food, learn a language or be an expert in a sexy style of music. This extra attention paid to the mind gives you the opportunity to expand what might stimulate you and it makes you very interesting to your partner.

That’s just a few to get us all going.

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