A common misconception about tantric sex is that it is mostly for straight people. To be specific, it’s for white middle-aged middle-class workshop junkies. But in her book, Urban Tantra, Barbra Carrellas debunks this myth by explaining it.

Tantra is about managing and balancing opposites. Therefore it can get confused with needing opposites to exists. Male and female are considered opposites, but any person who practices Tantra would tell you that male and female are arbitrary terms that do not sit well with established polarization. There is no one way of being male and no one way of being female. And these days people are considered to be all and everything in between.

Tantra and its associated sexual practice is about bringing into balance the masculine and feminine aspects of ourselves. This is not at adds with any sort of sexual orientation, nor any philosophy that inherently refuses the narrowing polarization of traditional male and female types.

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