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Benefits of regular sex

We are not sure of the sources on this one, but we found a great article on the sexual benefits of regular sex or at least regular orgasms. We tried to find the research article but haven’t to date. So the following claims were copied from the article verbatim, which you can read here.

This article in Newstracklive, makes the statement that a recent study shows sex can produce the following positive results:

Strengthening immunity – It is said that people who have sex every day have a strong immune system. In addition, according to one study, people who have frequent sexual intercourse (once or twice a week) have high levels of immunoglobulin A (immunoglobulin A) in their saliva. At the same time, people who are less active in sex regularly start reducing the amount of immunoglobulin A.


Balances blood pressure – Sex can reduce the blood pressure of men and women. Yes, in today’s time, millions of people have high blood pressure. In addition, several studies suggest that there is an association between sex and lower systolic blood pressure, excluding masturbation. It can reduce blood pressure. Apart from this, high blood pressure can be reduced if sex is done daily.


Reduces the risk of a heart attack – Sex is beneficial for the young to old. G actually controls the level of hormones like sex estrogen and testosterone and keeps the heart healthy. For this, sex should be done at least 2 times a week.


Prostate cancer prevents – A recent study shows that people who do sex consistently have less chance of prostate cancer than other people or those who do normal sex.

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Kinky Sex for Starters

We found this neat little article written by Rosie Saunders that offers 5 expert tips for beginners wanting to engage in kink in order to spice up your love life.

We always recommend reading some pornography, particularly what we sell on this site, as it always gets the motor running for couples seeking to get a little heat back into their day. Mostly hetero couples, but we have had positive feedback on some queer couples also.

This article recommends the 5 following starters:

  1. Research
  2. Build up slowly
  3. Establish boundaries
  4. Choose a safe word
  5. Remember aftercare.

Check out the full article at Netdoctor here. We are not affiliated with Netdoctor nor the writers of this article. We just thought it was worth spreading around.


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Sex and weight loss

We found yet another article about sex and weight loss.

What is it with that? Why do we need to know how many calories we burn during sex? Is it all about permission or prohibition? Is it because we sweat so much that we feel like we must get a workout at the same time?

Anyway, these posts are always amusing. The below table comes from The Daily Mail. You can read their article here. We are not affiliated with them, we just thought this was fun.


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Robot sex dolls in the Coronavirus Pandemic

So, it seems that there has been an upsurge in the purchasing of robot sex dolls. This didn’t come as a huge surprise to us.

With the industry receiving so much additional funding through sales, the technology has had the chance to improve with talk of heart beats and breathing are currently being tested.

It is no surprise that there is an attempt to make sex-dolls more realistic.

This is primarily due to the fact that they are dolls. They are not people.

Therefore, it probably makes sense that no matter how hard they try to make a sex doll realistic, until we reach Blade Runner style androids, sex dolls will always be on a trajectory to ‘improve’ them.

However, the industry is enthusiastic about making robot dolls for other jobs like carers, bus drivers or policemen.

So seen from that angle, these dolls might be pioneers of sorts.


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Lifting the Bonk Ban

Just because our image here is straight, doesn’t mean the rules are straight.

In Australia, there is much discussion about how to safely integrate casual sex into a post COVID-19 lockdown society. The basic rules apply, wash your hands, practice general social distancing and don’t hook up if unwell.

The Australian Society for HIV, Viral Hepatitis and Sexual Health Medicine (ASHM) has come on board to issue some guidelines for how to have casual sex as we all re-emerge from our COVID-19 safe spaces.

The guidelines go as far as to suggest:

“Have an encounter that does not involve touching,” is one tip, or have “online encounters” via webcams, apps and texting.

But most people will likely want to get physical. If that’s the case, consider washing or showering beforehand and engaging in “short encounters”.

Given the main transmission method for COVID-19 is through exhaled droplets, the new normal sex advice is to say no to snogging.

“Avoid kissing, saliva exchange, face touching … and positions which involved face-to-face contact.

“Have sex that reduces the amount of contact with bodily secretions, use condoms and dental dams to reduce contact with saliva, semen, vaginal secretions etc,” the ASHM task force memo advised.

Objects shouldn’t be shared that may have bodily fluids on them while sex toys and other surfaces should be cleaned frequently. Wash sheets after sex to give the virus, if it’s there at all, the flick.

For more information, check out the ASHM website here.

(Please note, AJAX Books is not affiliated with ASHM we are just passing on info we read.)


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Deepthroat & Facesitting

In an interesting article on Pornhub, they compare Deepthroat and Facesitting searching for the below:

In this edition of Pornhub Insights we’ll be getting up close and personal with two popular face related sex acts: Deepthroat and Facesitting. Pornhub’s statisticians looked at the popularity of each search, and what type of Pornhub visitor is most likely to search for them.

For us at AJAX Books it was more interesting to place Deepthroat and Facesitting side by side. It will come as no surprise men prefer to search deepthroat while women prefer to search facesitting.

For us, we had quite a discussion around deepthroat and facesitting as sexual fetishes that were perhaps equal opposites and we were interested to see them compared in this way.

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What do sexually satisfied couples do in bed?

I found this wonderful little article on practicing sex therapist Dr. Justin Lehmiller’s blog.

It cites five key differences between couples (hetro-normative it should be noted) who claim to be satisfied in their sex life. These five differences are:

  1. Spend time getting in the mood
  2. Practice sexual communication
  3. Receive oral sex
  4. Be happier with the relationship in general
  5. Engage in more acts of sexual variety.

It’s the last one that sparks an interest.

In his article there is a list of the top variety interests by gender.


Check the article out here.


We have no affiliation with Dr. Justin Lehmillers blog. We just liked this article.

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Use massage for seduction

Massage porn became the surprise hit a few years back. It is still a favourite for both men and women.

Massage is a great way to get your partner in the mood. It’s also a great way to spend a little quality time outside of the regular routine. A good idea would be to plan two massages. Each gets a turn at being the masseuse.

Here are a couple of tips to ensure massage time with your partner always has a happy ending.

  1. Make sure room temperature is right. You have to be comfortable naked.
  2. Create a makeshift massage bed. Mattress on the floor or better still, a mattress on the dining table.
  3. Lots of oil. Make sure you have towels and covers to protect your objects, while being able to use lots of oil.
  4. Follow a crash massage course online. YouTube, Udemy and the like. Take the course together first, then do the sexy-thang.
  5. Watch and read some massage porn. Work out how to get the hands into the right area with slow sensual play.
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A month of great sex with the same person while you’re in lockdown

31 ideas to inspire sex every day you’re in lockdown


  1. Finally read The Story of O
  2. Watch something saucy at Erotic Films
  3. Read some short stories on
  4. Engage in a six second kiss
  5. Read a copy of White Flesh Black Market. Spies in the House of Lust. Book 1 (together)
  6. Have a bath (together)
  7. Order some sex toys online 
  8. Have a date night at home
  9. Read Delta of Venus and Tropic Of Cancer one after the other. (Anais Nin and Henry Miller were lovers when they wrote the books.)
  10. Read The Sexual Life of Catherine M
  11. Watch some films together on Joybear
  12. Play a game of stripped-down twister (Remove a layer of clothes when you fall)
  13. Buy a copy of 101 Nights of Tantric Sex by Cassandra Lorius
  14. Buy a subscription to Pink
  15. Go to Pornhub and each find a sex scene that turns you on. Share with each other.
  16. Give each other an erotic massage with lots of oil.
  17. Shave off each others pubic hair
  18. Buy a copy of Sexopoly to play together
  19. Buy a copy of Sensuous Magic by Patrick Califia and try out light BDSM on each other.
  20. Order a sexy outfit, lingerie or toys from an online store.
  21. Try stripping for each other (with or without giggling)
  22. Buy Kaamastra You and Me. 90 bedroom games for couples.
  23. Play a game of truth or dare with a lot of honesty
  24. Write letter to your partner with a secret sexual desire request. Then read each others lettes and fulfil them.
  25. Buy an Oral sex dice game and play it.
  26. Give a hot and cold BJ. (Glass of hot water and ice water beside you)
  27. Play a game of strip pong together with your choice of alcohol.
  28. Turn dessert into a sexy game by placing your favourite sweets on your lovers body to be eaten off.
  29. Have sex in the car (in the garage!)
  30. Hop onto the Sounds of Pleasure website and listen to please having real orgasms.
  31. Get the Dipsea App for your phone and listen to some sexy stories while you play with each other.
(Please note: the above image is a shower curtain for sale at Hiploot have not sponsored this content.)