Did you get stood up last night?

Did someone say they would be there and then not show?

Did you have a date and the guy didn’t turn up.

Or worse, did the woman turn up and then treat you like crap through the entire experience?


Go through your first stages

At first, being stood up can be horrible.

First, you accept that it happened and the person didn’t have an accident.

Then you get really embarrassed because you put it out there and they pulled it back.

Then you get angry about it. But don’t stop there, make sure you move on and get your anger out of their face and back in your corner.

Then you might go through a little bit of a pity party and wonder why me?


First of all – don’t do this!

Don’t lay on your bed staring at the ceiling.

Don’t go to your computer and engage in doomscrolling.

Don’t go online and look up a thousand new reasons why women suck and men rule.

Don’t fight with your mother, father, best friend, or anyone else.

Above all else, don’t contact, stalk, or chase them in any way.

If someone has treated you with disrespect, you are better to forget them than dwell. The very best ‘revenge’ is for their behavior to have no effect.

What we’re looking for here to get your self-esteem back after some damn fool hurt it.


Visualization can help.

Therefore, try this little visualization exercise to get your self-esteem back.

Rather than laying in your bed, hating yourself and wondering ‘Why me?’ take the time to heal yourself.

Replay events that occurred the day before, and feel the pain of that.

Then, take the time to carefully visualize your withdrawal from the relationship.

See yourself on the phone, online or in person with them explaining that you don’t want to see them anymore.

Tell them that the behavior they just exhibited isn’t something that you want in your life.

Tell them (and say it all out loud if it helps) that life is short and you have no time for games.


You will start feeling awesome again

When you feel better, imagine yourself on another date with a new person.

Imagine what this person looks like.

Go through all the details.

If you still feel sad, go through it all again, but use more detail in your visualization.

Make it fun. Enjoy it.

When it’s all over, take steps to find the next date, and leave that other person behind.


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