Hookups are harder now. Lifestyles that involve single sex like FB’s, stranger sex, solo poly and free-thinking hookups have taken a hard hit in lockdown. Monogamous relationships win out yet again.

Lots of online stuff is happening. For the most part, people are describing a softening of the hard sex angle and favouring the human connection. Online has moved into an intimacy over the physical realm and reports are it’s not all bad.

Voices notes, private profiles, members only connections are getting a boost.

For this reason, a blanket prohibition on pornography is not helpful.

Solo sex is a beautiful thing in many cases, a sexual preference.

Human connection takes many forms. Creativity, individuality and alternatives are always positive in a healthy sex life. If respect for others remains at the fore, then it can lead to the most invigorating and thrilling sex of your life.

Whether you are single or not.

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