We’ve heard a little about ‘post lockdown’ sexual frustrations. Stories like young men exhibiting intense anger when rejected by women. Young women using overconfidence to mask insecurities.

In short, we’ve heard a bit around the traps about people experiencing some anxiety-related behaviors as they work their way into the world after lockdown.

What we now know is that lockdown continues. It may go for a while, then it comes back then it goes. The associated insecurities dealing with it are varied and complicated.

We found a neat little article in Healista written by Kate Moyle that describes good mental health confidence-boosting practice post lockdown.

Kate suggests:

  1. Ignore self-destructive thoughts
  2. Practice positive affirmations
  3. Re-learn what turns you on
  4. Communicate during sex
  5. Play music to get ready
  6. Focus on the senses
  7. Dress up sexy
  8. Accept that not everyone will like you
  9. Laugh about it (to yourself and with friends)
  10. Focus on pleasure not performance


Lockdown will come and go for a while. Best for us all to get our heads around it.

Check out the original article here

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