Two problematic double standards exist in most cultures around sex and they are the cause of terrible anxiety and anguish.


The first is that men are hopelessly voracious and predatory when it comes to sex. They can’t control themselves and even more than that they can’t be expected to control themselves.


The second is that women are supposed to control and civilize the men by being pure, asexual, and withholding.


As someone once put it, men are the accelerator and women are the brake.


This is supposed to be good for the engine?


Neither of these myths works out in the world. They are not helpful for women or men and they create a lot of problems for the vast majority of people who don’t fit into the mold.


It is opined that desire for more than one person destroys the family. Actually, duplicity destroys the family, and lying about what you want, cheating on someone you made a promise to, and faking your interests are the things that pull families apart.


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