Alcohol gets a bad wrap sometimes, and rightly so. It’s not great for our health and gets worse the more we drink. It can impair our ability to function and make it impossible to operate machinery or drive vehicles.

However, alcohol is a drug and like many drugs it can offer us some positive benefits. These should not be abused. It is often abusing the positive attributes of alcohol that lead to the problems associated with it.

In moderation, alcohol can offer us the following:

  1. Lower inhibitions. For sex, alcohol can give us a bit of courage that might help in the bedroom. Of course, too much can impair sexual function. But a little goes a long way and you can get yourself over some silly shyness if you are in a safe space with the right partner.


  1. Focus on the present. Alcohol can help us release stress and tune into the now. Sex requires us to focus on the body, and alcohol can facilitate that release.


  1. Increase feelings of attraction for our partner. Sometimes we forget how attractive our partner is because of the petty problems of our day. Alcohol can help us see them for who they are again.


  1. Make you want to be close. Alcohol can make you want to be close and experience intimacy.


We found this nice little article in Psychology Today that gave us the above advice.

Read the full article here.

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