It’s no secret that we here are AJAX Books are big fans of Barbara Carrellas’ book Urban Tantra. If you want to buy a copy, we highly recommend it.

One of our favorite sections is her orgasm tips for people with estrogen bodies. She leads up to this chapter with a wonderful discussion about testosterone-based bodies and estrogen-based bodies and she clarifies the differences between yin and yang, fast and slow, cold, and hot.

Her tips for orgasm for those with estrogen in their bodies are:

  1. Practice practice practice!
  2. Take a bath and experiment with water flow
  3. Look and explore. Relax so that you are still and centered and then explore your body.
  4. Think sexy thoughts. Let your naughty mind go wherever it wants
  5. Breathe and rock. So, breathe and pretend someone is fucking you.
  6. Buy a vibrator
  7. Press, release, press, release. Super important.
  8. Add penetration.

The trick here is to get your best orgasm a regular routine that makes you happy and that you can choose to have whenever you want. Your orgasm is for you and it is your gift you give yourself.

If any of the above doesn’t work, change it up. Keep going till you find the fantasy that works or the toy or the time of day. Keep going till you can get your orgasm when you want.

Of course, as usual, AJAX Books strongly recommend a book from our collection to help in the fantasy department.

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