When you want to make love to your partner, or a person you are going on a date with, you have to set the scene for your lovemaking.

If you are going back to your place, make sure your home is ready. Make sure it is as you would like your lover to see it. Make sure it is clean and includes all the things that you want to be around you like low lighting or access to music. Make sure you are carrying anything you might need like lube, or condoms, or props.

The same goes for sex with the partner with whom you share a house. Add a little extra something when you are going to have special time together. If it’s in the bathroom, make sure there are candles or super luxurious fluffy towels or scented oils. If you want to do the deed on your couch, make sure you can turn the tv off, and that anything you might need is to hand.

You can also use several rooms. Have a romantic dinner in the dining room, followed by a deep luxurious bath together, then a sensuous massage in the lounge room before you head of to have some hanky-panky in the bedroom.

If you are going on a date that you are sure will end up back at your place, have these things ready, but perhaps not spread out in a presumptive manner. It’s always odd being in someone else’s space and you need to be able to let your partner relax into your space before you are going to be able to spring a hot bath on them.

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