It’s worth taking the time to read this lovely article in the International Business Times written by Maria Vultaggio. It’s titled International Day of the Female Orgasm Brings Pleasure to Women: How it got started.

A section of the articles reads thus:

So here’s some history: The holiday originated in the northeastern town of Esperantina in 2007 when Councilman Arimateio Dantas wanted to repay the “sexual debt” he owed his wife, according to Azteca Noticias, so he decided to dedicate the day to the female orgasm. The holiday is celebrated in Brazil, Mexico, Spain, Argentina, Peru and Norway. The female orgasm has been plagued with stigma and taboo, so an international day to recognize the “maximum expression” should help women explore their sexuality in a way that is culturally acceptable.

We confess to being tickled pink by all this and a little embarrassed it took us so long to hear about it.

Read the full article here.

Read more about International female orgasm day on the twitter page here.

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