We here at AJAX Books wanted to give a shout-out to the dating website Hinge. We liked the philosophy behind Hinge because its intention is to put people who are serious about a relationship together so that they can get off a dating site.

The entire dating process is constructed to get you off the site.

For people who use dating sites, a constant complaint can be advertising experienced once a relationship has developed. Some dating sites are hard to get out of and difficult to unsubscribe from.

At Hinge, they argue this is a contradiction.

If the app is working well, you should be able to delete it. And indeed, one should go onto the app with the hope and presumption one would like to delete it eventually.

We liked this idea and thought it was worth giving the site a plug.

To be clear, we are not affiliated with Hinge in any way.

Check them out here.

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