A complication in the UK has arisen now that couples who do not live together but are in ‘established’ relationships are permitted to have sex with each other.

The obvious question is, are we in an established relationship?

When does an established relationship start? When you meet the parents? Or the third date? In the early stages of meeting someone, part of the essential tension that promotes interest lies in the not knowing if this person is ‘the one.’

Equally, bombarding a relationship with the idea that a person is ‘the one,’ even for a while can put too much pressure on those delicious early stages.

COVID-19 lockdown legislation has complicated issues. Couples in established relationships are allowed to have sex but casual sex is still banned.

These are lockdown measures for at least six months after the onset of the second wave of Coronavirus.

It is a comfort that legislators have left the definition up to individuals, but confusing when there are laws. Laws that can be enforced.

We here at AJAX books would like to remind everyone that there is a wealth of options to have very enjoyable casual sex and comply with social distancing measures. Many of them include getting to know your pornography and masturbation.

This is an excellent time of your life to legitimately get to know what erotica and pornography may have to offer.

However, despite the glib pitch for purchasing our books, we extend sympathies to those testing a new relationship who may not know what to do here.

You can read more about this here.

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