We’ve been reading Barbra Carrellas’ book called Urban Tantra lately. We find that revisit it every couple of years or so and that different aspects of her book attract our attention in different ways.

No secret to hear that we are big fans.

One of the sections we like a lot is the myth debunking section in the introduction. This is a great way for total newbies to separate fact from fiction in tantric myths.

Myth number ten is that Westernized tantra is not ‘real’ tantra. Barbra addresses this issue head-on by stating practice in her book and just about every style of practice in our Western culture (even if you wear a sari and play Indian music) is a Westernized version of Tantric practice.

The point is, even that level of practice includes enormous benefits even though it is adapted to our modern lifestyle. As Barbra says:

“The art of living Tantrically is living authentically, consciously, and sensuously. And that can be done in an infinite variety of styles and practices, all of which can bring about prolonged states of love, connection, and bliss.”

Tantra is a wonderful way to approach some of the sexual tensions our modern life creates. Engaging with it can help us with many of our sexual fears and worries.

We highly recommend it.

Barbra’s book Urban Tantra is available on Amazon here. We are not affiliated with Amazon or Barbra Carrellas. We just love the book and its concepts.

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