We were reading an article in Psychology Today written by Sue Kolod Ph.D. that listed seven things about love and sex that Freud got right, and in some cases was way ahead of his time.

AJAX Books understands there are problems with Freud, but we read a lot of his work in order to understand why he was such an important influence. Sometimes it helps to know that what we think is ‘true’ might have just been an idea that stuck. Also, it’s helpful to remember people are just people and you can take or leave Freud, you don’t have to becomes a zealot for any position for or against him. (Unless you are a psychoanalyst)

Here are the seven things Sue Kolod suggests Freud got right. You can read her full article here.

  1. Sexuality is everyone’s weakness – and strength
  2. Every part of the body is erotic
  3. Homosexuality is not a mental illness
  4. All love relationships contain ambivalent feelings
  5. We learn to love from our early relationships with parents and caregivers
  6. Our loved ones become part of ourselves
  7. Fantasy is an important factor in sexual excitement
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