Here is a nice little article we found in SheKnows mag.

It offers four rules for sexting that we thought were quite good.

They are:

The rules of how to sext are simple:

  1. Make sure you and your sexting partner know each other’s wants, needs and limits. Discuss what you can beforehand so no one gets uncomfortable or misreads the room.
  2. Keep your texts concise: Short messages, direct descriptions. You’re not writing a Harlequin romance novel.
  3. Autocorrect is not your friend. Texting that you want to “duck” will take you both out of the moment.
  4. Start out with light, flirty texts, then work your way up to the steamy ones. Consider it digital foreplay.

We would add into this, make it personal somehow. Apply it to the person you’re dealing with. This means if you are not monogamous, make sure you are fully engaged with the person you’re dealing with (and not just running moves). If you are monogamous, apply it to your current day and find things that are sexy about your partner now. Not some old fantasy of how hot he was in high school.

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