An article in the Daily Mail caught our eye.

Timothy Stokely has come under fire for charging 20% commission on the Only Fan’s website.

For us here at AJAX Books, we feel platforms like Only Fans give sex workers the opportunity to make money in a dangerous pandemic. We presume professionals who go to the site and are trying to manage their online businesses are ok with this charge. It is a smaller content royalty than the one Amazon charge for a book.

If you are not a professional sex worker, think twice about using the Only Fan’s website. Content online is forever, and professionals have access to support networks that discuss these issues.

We support sex workers and their ability to do their jobs safely and make money from their abilities. We support people who seek to pay for their pornography and support the personal businesses of sex workers.

AJAX Books is not affiliated with Only Fans in any way. You can get to their website here. 

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