Mutual masturbation is a wonderful way to spice up your sex life if you’re in a monogamous relationship. It’s also a wonderful way to have sex with another person if you are restricted to online enjoyment.

It can open up a series of important and welcome conversations. It can also give you the opportunity to share in a deeply intimate way.

Ultimately, it is sexy to let someone watch you masturbate. And it is sexy to watch someone else do it.

When it comes to a safe sex world, masturbation is the safest sex you can think of. If you include another person, the thrill is still there, and it potentially doubles.

Just one caveat. While we live in a digital world, please remember people can take photos or screenshots of you. So, if you decide to have sex in this manner, do it with someone you trust.

We found a good article in Healthline here that gave some good tips and feedback. Our favourite section said this:

What it can do for you and your partner

Soooo much! It’s pretty much the most intimate thing you can do with your partner.


You’re letting them watch — and listen — as you do something that most people only do behind closed doors… under the covers… when no one else is home.


It can make you feel an exciting — and kind of terrifying — mix of vulnerable and powerful at the same time.


As for them, being privy to the peep show and watching you pleasure yourself kicks up the naughty factor by a bazillion.


Other reasons it’s awesome:


Pleasure’s a sure thing, because each of you gets to do what you already know feels good for you.

You get to release your inner voyeurs and exhibitionists at the same time. (You know they’re in there!)

It’s the best sex ed you can get, because your lover gets to learn how to give you pleasure from the most qualified instructor: you. And vice versa.

If you want to introduce sex toys into the bedroom, this is hands down the best way to segue into the convo.

It’s totally versatile and can be used to fulfill other fantasies, like role-playing, threesomes, or group sex.

It’s the closest thing you can have to full-on sex while still practicing physical distancing.

Read the full article written by Adrienne Santos-Longhurst here.

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