Sex during COVID-19 is the go-to sexual issue for everyone, singles, and couples alike at the moment. For many, it’s a difficult time that takes some adjusting.

For some, it’s an opportunity to explore new and interesting things about their personal sexual abilities. Thinking about sex in positive ways, discovering what you like sexually, can lead to sleep orgasms.

A sleep orgasm is an experience woman have that is similar to a male wet dream. However, what is interesting about sleep orgasms, is women who struggle to have orgasms during sex can sometimes have them in their sleep.

Women have reported having some control over these sleep orgasms. Studies have shown that a positive attitude to sex and a desire to explore what turns one on can contribute to more and sleep orgasms.

We found a nice little article written by Taryn Hillin on sleep orgasms here in Splinter magazine.

Maybe it can be a goal to achieve this during lockdown?

As always, AJAX Books recommends reading some erotic/pornographic literature to encourage these thought patterns.

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