We found an article in UK Vogue that intrigued us.

It’s written by Lilith Hardy Lupica and it addresses the issue of ‘mindful sex’ that is, sex in which you remain focused on the pleasures of the body rather than allowing your mind to wander in all directions.

That mind wandering is called “spectatoring tendencies” in this article. It’s that terrible situation when you might be having sex with your partner and suddenly, you’re wondering if she took the bins out.

It seemed to us, that during COVID-19 lockdown when there might not be so much going out in public, that kind of thinking might impact sexual relations a lot. Suddenly our partners have to bridge a lot of gaps for us when it comes to sexual stimulation.

Your sexual health is ultimately your responsibility and therefore your own highest sexual priority. This means when it comes to the bedroom, you must be kind to yourself and you must find a way to get what you want and to know what it is you want.

You can read the entire article here.

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