We fully admit we are behind the trend here.

However, we were tickled pink when we (finally) found LeoLulu a stunning couple who make fabulous amateur porn and display it mostly on Porn Hub. He’s a Parisian and she’s a Berliner. For us here at AJAX, that was the sexiest combination of all.

Leolulu makes great videos and sells marvelous t-shirts with a pro-porn message.

They are ethical and dedicated to relating a sex-positive message of The Couple. PornHub used their star power to promote their “Dirtiest Porn Ever” clean up the beach promotion. (Catch the clean YouTube version here)

However, most important of all, they are super sexy. Their videos carry titles like “Petite Blonde Deepthroat and anal big cock at home.” When they claim sex-positivity for the couple, they are right.

We had a wonderful time watching some of their videos. Amateur has come a long way and is getting very popular. It’s the old/new/old/new Black.

We were very glad we happened upon their channel.

Check out their website here.

(We are not affiliated with Leolulu. We just think they are cool and wanted to spread the word)

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