We did a little piece on Renee Gracie earlier this week. It turns out, that her move to 4PlayHub was well covered.

Here is a little video with Renee reading the Funniest Comments made about her on Facebook.

Our favourites were: “She’ll be coming ’round the mountain when she comes” and “Can she drive a stick” to which she replies “I don’t drive one, but I ride one.”


Renee Gracie’s platform of choice is 4PlayHub.

It’s is another one of these subscriber platforms, but 4PlayHub is exclusively adults-only content.

There has been some bad press about these platforms, but for the most part, we like the idea of artists receiving money directly for their work.

Sometimes the problem with art is the middle man.

And in this case, the middle man is Renee herself. Renee Gracie created 4PlayHub to provide a save space for fans and content creators alike.


We wholeheartedly support the use of these channels to connect with your favorite star, who is directing their own platforms.

This sort of connection creates an intimacy that does not compromise the user or performer.

Please let us know if this has not been your experience. From, our perspective, this ticks a lot of boxes.

You can check 4PlayHub by clicking here. 

We have not logged in, nor have we given it a go. We just think it’s a neat idea. And like you, we really like Renee!


It will come as no surprise to find that here at AJAX Books, we like book porn. It stimulates the brain as well as gets us off.

Don’t misunderstand. We love all forms of porn. But to feed the mental, book porn is best.

Renee for video. AJAX for written. Make sure there is no porn you’re missing out on.


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