On their blog, Pornhub claim that over 150,000 models make their own videos and upload them to Porn Hub. These models get paid whenever they’re viewed.

It will come as no surprise to learn that during the COVID-19 lockdown, that number increased by 30%.

To encourage models to list their own home-grown content, Porrnhub gave them a 100% payout for the month of April. They can also choose to upload ad-supported videos which are free to view for Pornhub users but models receive the majority of the ad revenue.

We liked the idea of models making their own pornography, and have covered other sites that facilitate this use in other posts. We feel it encourages ethical porn and often encourages the user to view the model as a RL person.

We are not affiliated with Pornhub in any way. We are only sharing this post because we thought it was cool.


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