Touching is an important part of intimacy. While you are in lockdown you will be having more complicated responses to your live-in partner, and perhaps feeling some stress from having to spend so much time together.

Making time for something like sensual touching is important. It can connect you to each other and take you off the work/kid’s treadmill for a while.

If you want to take some time for sensual touching with your partner, don’t forget to prepare a nice space for the pare of you. The space should be beautiful by your own standards and tidy in order to be stress-free. It needs to be warm and it needs to smell good.

Then collect some different textured items from around the house.

When you have a collection of objects have one partner lay down and the other work the objects. To add some fun, it might be nice if you both turn up with ten objects from around the house each.

Start slow and careful and search for your partner’s non-genital erogenous zones. Ask your partner what feels good. Try different materials, makeup brushes, suede, leather, and velvet. Work with different textures and different pressures. If it turns into a massage that’s ok, but you’re best to focus on this and save your massage for another night.

At some point, you will have to swap roles.

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