If you are living with a person that you love, times are getting very odd just now.  We’re all in this lockdown thing together and its kind of amazing to try to work out how to navigate it all. We are all looking at spending months together, not a few weeks.


This may put a little strain on the relationship, especially if you’re not used to seeing each other all day every day.


You might need to do some special little fun things for each other.


An idea we read about that we thought was very nice was the idea of ‘excess.’ William Blake said ‘The road of excess leads to the tower of wisdom.’ We thought the idea of excess could be turned into a very pleasant lockdown experience.


If your significant other loves m&m’s, but them 50 kilos of m&m’s. If they like strawberries, fill the pantry with them. If they like champagne, fill the bath with it.


We like this idea of something big and crazy and out of the norm around the house while everyone is stuck in lockdown.


Give it a go.


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