We’ve all seen the Belle de jour style film that remakes the frustrations of the lonely housewife into material for the life of a sexy siren, but documentary filmmakers Isabel Peppard and Josie Hess have taken this theme to a stronger conclusion.

Morgana is a documentary that details the fiftieth birthday of Morgana where she enjoys her naked body suspended in Japanese rope Bondage. More detail can be read here in an interview with the filmmakers on Filmmaker magazine. The film has become the toast of the festival circuit.

Filmmaker Isabel Peppard had this to say in the interview:

By the time we came on the scene Morgana was screening her work locally, internationally and online, as well as appearing on national television here in Australia, discussing her porn. So she was already well and truly in the public eye. I think we felt more comfortable telling Morgana’s story in the context that she was already public with it and had “outed” herself to the world in a way that she was comfortable with before we came along.

You can take a look at the trailer here.

You can read the interview in Filmmaker magazine here.

Here is a link to a review on Filmink.

Image taken from Filmmaker Magazine.


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