We found this awesome little article on the Anastasia Sex Toys website that offers some advice on how to buy sex furniture.

They sell a comprehensive guide but also give a lot of excellent tips on choosing, caring for, and maintaining your sex furniture.

We were interested in what constitutes sex furniture and so decided to reproduce their general list here.

  1. Love Pillows (wedge)
  2. Sex chair
  3. Sex sofas and benches
  4. Sex pillow
  5. Sex stool (Queening stool)
  6. Sex glider (Monkey Rocker)
  7. Sex bed
  8. Bondage Bedsheets, throws and accessories
  9. Sex swing
  10. Dungeon and BDSM furniture
  11. Bondage cross
  12. Sex tables and cages
  13. Sex shower gear

Read the article here.

As always, we remind you that we are not affiliated with Anastasia Sex Toys, we just thought this was neat.


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