Because we are Emma Peel fans and we are publishers, we sometimes get asked if we publish Emma Peel erotic fan fiction.

We always answer this question in the same way.

Barbra Novac gave us the best Emma Peel homage in Aston Knight.

Check out the below:


What we love about Emma Peel / Aston Knight

  1. Clothing: Both Emma Peel and Aston Knight wear beatnik inspired jumpsuits, boots, and belts. Aston Knight goes a little further into the Beatnik vibe, but we like that!
  2. Educated: Emma Peel is a certified genius who specializes in Chemistry and other sciences. Aston Knight is not only a certified genius, but she is often there to assist famous scientists (Linus Pauling and Emile Zuckerland among others) with their research, proofing, and publishing.
  3. Master of Martial Arts: Emma Peel was a fencer and consummate martial arts expert. Aston Knight is a martial arts expert and specializes in multiple forms of combat.
  4. Emma Peel’s father was an industry tycoon: Emma Peel’s father Sir John Knight was an industrialist and Emma took over the company when he died. Aston Knight carries Emma’s father’s name as homage and sits on the board of Knight Enterprises now that her father has died.
  5. Drives fast: Emma drove a convertible Lotus Elan at high speeds. Aston Knight is a pilot who flies planes and helicopters of all types and vintage.
  6. Witty Banter: Peel and Steed are famous for their witty, sexy interactions. Aston has the same witty banter based on an elusive love affair with the Russian Vikar Irk.

The White Flesh, Black Market trilogy is a passionate ode to espionage heroines of the 1960’s and 1970’s. Emma Peel, The Baroness, and Modesty Blaise are preserved forever in this homage. Of course, it wouldn’t be a Barbra Novac book if it didn’t include lots and lots of sex!

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