An interesting study on has revealed that women and men hold inaccurate perceptions of what the opposite sex finds attractive. We found this interesting little article on Yahoo Style written by Caroline Allen that argues:

Women overestimate a man’s desire for thinness while men think a woman places more importance than she does on muscularity.

The study, published in the British Journal of Psychology, found that these seemingly small misconceptions were more apparent in short-term relationships than they were in their long-term equivalents.

It’s not surprising that both genders would have these pre-conceived ideas of what the opposite sex looks for, given the emphasis on the two traits in everything from TV series to social media.

The research shows that if you tend to believe these things you will have a greater dissatisfaction with your own body.

Food for thought.

You can read Caroline’s article here. We are not affiliated in any way. We just found this interesting.

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