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Lovehoney advent calendar

We don’t usually like to shamelessly promote products, but every now and then there is something that catches our eye that we think has some merit.

Lovehoney have come out with a lovely idea. They have made a sex toy advent calendar. A lot of people are experiencing stress at the moment, what with tough economic times and dubious pandemic gossip and the very real health crises we are facing across the world.

Sex is part of the answer to stress, but one of the ironies of sex is that stress can reduce and remove your desire for sex. Stress therefore can eradicate It’s own antidote before you even know you are stressed.

A fun little happy sex toy event like this, means those in a relationship can give each other the gift of a fun and magic sex life throughout the month of December.

We thought it was a wonderful thing to do at Christmas this year.

Find out more about Lovehoney’s advent calendar here.

We are not affiliated with Lovehoney in any way, nor do we gain in any way from this post. We just like the idea and wanted to give it a shoutout.

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How to buy sexy furniture online

We found this awesome little article on the Anastasia Sex Toys website that offers some advice on how to buy sex furniture.

They sell a comprehensive guide but also give a lot of excellent tips on choosing, caring for, and maintaining your sex furniture.

We were interested in what constitutes sex furniture and so decided to reproduce their general list here.

  1. Love Pillows (wedge)
  2. Sex chair
  3. Sex sofas and benches
  4. Sex pillow
  5. Sex stool (Queening stool)
  6. Sex glider (Monkey Rocker)
  7. Sex bed
  8. Bondage Bedsheets, throws and accessories
  9. Sex swing
  10. Dungeon and BDSM furniture
  11. Bondage cross
  12. Sex tables and cages
  13. Sex shower gear

Read the article here.

As always, we remind you that we are not affiliated with Anastasia Sex Toys, we just thought this was neat.


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Tantric Massage

Tantric sex has always been a bit of a mystery to us here at AJAX Books, but we confess to a bit of a fascination with the topic.

We found a nice little article in NetDoctor that describes tantric massage, which has its own connection to tantric sex. We thought it was interesting because when we thought about the tantric experience connected to massage rather than sex, we felt we understood the point far more.

Sex is often about the connection between two people as well as simply getting off. (Not that there is anything wrong with getting off).

When you think of tantric massage, and using the sexual sensations in the body to draw closer to each other, we could see the benefits of exploring this with your partner.

Check out the article here.