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Is Masturbation good for you?

Not only is masturbation good for you (healthy, normal) but it can actually assist in a relationship.

Active solo sex life has been linked to:

  1. Boosted mood
  2. Reduced stress
  3. Improved self-image.

In terms of a relationship, it can be accurate that sex begets more sex. If you are in the habit of masturbating while in a relationship, it can lead to being comfortable with sex and it can lead to wanting to share your sex life with your partner. Masturbation and pornography can lead to an inquisitive nature and an excitement in the expansive attitude to sex.

It does not always and necessarily follow that those who masturbate are troubled, or Addicted to pleasuring their own bodies.

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If it worries you that your partner might be self-gratifying, ask yourself what sort of negative messages you may be taught about masturbating as you were growing up?

It’s normal to masturbate. Your partner might be inclined to explore and work on what makes them happy.

This can only be good for your sex life.


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Masturbaton is not wrong

Beating one out has gotten a lot of bad press lately.

It’s important to remember The Church has been anti-masturbation for centuries. Prohibition extends from a desire to control sexual habits that works in social engineering. Whatever the motivation, controlling what we do in private when we hurt no one should be questioned.

Just as you can be influenced to stop masturbating, you can be influenced to masturbate to one image over another.

Protect your right to masturbate. Be fussy about what stimulates you.

But most of all, question anyone, every time, if they try to tell you it’s wrong.

That includes if they try to make you feel guilty.