Summer Collection ’22

Cras ultricies ligula sed magna dictum porta.

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  • The sexy conclusion to the DISC trilogy… After discovering their true enemy, DISC has a bigger task than ever before in front of them. DISC is trapped by a man obsessed with amassing corporate wealth at any cost. DISC, the crack team of crime fighters find themselves working for the UN when the UN has become a corrupt force. At the same time, DISC must find and destroy a porn film that could bring down the United States Government. They follow the clues from porn sets high in the snow-capped Swiss alps to sleazy films made in factories outside Silicon Valley. Somehow the films and their enemy are connected. But how? Then suddenly, they find they have become the stars of the next film…
  • Under the impression the world is now safe, the three members of D.I.S.C. return to their lives seeking peace and stability. However, it isn’t long and Mercedes’ notorious gangster past comes back to haunt her. The Kray brothers want a favour, and the three members of D.I.S.C. choose their own mission to save one members life and help her start anew. But, when the three find themselves in Africa they discover the London mafia was the least of their problems. Fighting a new villain bent on world domination, D.I.S.C find themselves at odds with world leaders fighting proxy wars as they try to stop the world falling into the hands of a dark ruthless power. With only their brains, their bodies and their physical prowess as defences, Porsche, Aston and Mercedes will use everything and anything they have to save the world. Again.
  • D.I.S.C. is trapped by a super-villain obsessed with cloning beautiful women and using their sexual prowess to slaughter heads of state. The three female members of D.I.S.C. are now on a race against the clock to escape a small bubble in the deep oceans off Africa and stop the clones from seducing the world's most powerful men. Commissioned to discover how so many of the world’s best spies died at the same time in their beds, the three beautiful members of D.I.S.C. infiltrated the Russian mafia, survived orgies in Monte Carlo and found their way to a man-made island in the Seychelles, only to find themselves caught in the deadliest trap of all. Buy White Flesh, Black Market: Spies in the house of Lust now and join them as they save the world. (Read a sexy bit here)    


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