AJAX Books is a small group of people who, in the traditions of collectors of pornography and erotica, want to explore the deep, dark world of their own desires and fantasies without fear of personal attack or judgement.

Who are AJAX Books?

They are a group of friends who met in high school. They did not hang out in the same groups and their social backgrounds differed. But they shared a fascination with the ‘soft porn’ erotic literature they found on their parents’ bookshelves. Writers such as Sydney Sheldon and Jackie Collins launched their fascination with ‘dirty’ books. They would pass these books to each other at school,

Being too young to access anything stronger than this, they began to make their own work. They started with erotic short stories, though the more creative in the group began to illustrate and make their own graphic novels.

This developed into a passion for writing and collecting that has remained with the group for several decades. Then, in 2019 the group gained some nostalgia for their old practice, and decided to formalize their interests through the publishing medium of AJAX Books.

What does AJAX Books publish?

AJAX Books likes to publish well written erotic and pornographic material that tickles their fancy. This might include images or it might not. Sometimes the work will be simply for its capacity for masturbatory pleasure, and other times it might be beautifully written work that explores particular themes.

What is AJAX Books political position on pornography?

The members of AJAX Books think of themselves as sex positive and engaged with the questions and problems associated with pornography that the world is currently dealing with. There are feminists in the group who are in a constant enquiry about the danger’s pornography might present to women. AJAX Books intends to analyse and question pornography through blog posts here on this website.

Why erotica?

The members of AJAX Books have a history of enjoying erotica and pornographic books. They feel that it has self-exploratory benefits upon which they will elaborate throughout this blog.