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Members of the secret organisation D.I.S.C.

White Flesh, Black Market is a sexploitation novel written after cult classics of the 1960’s imbued with wild scenarios taken from the golden years of porn.

The first in a three part series, White Flesh Black Market: Spies in the house of Lust is a retro-chic homage to pulp fiction classics like The Baroness series, Modesty Blaise and The Avengers TV show.

DISC must use every torrid inch of their death-dealing, pleasure-loving bodies on this latest mission.

Disgraced scientist Clon Deadelus has built a new super weapon. Cloned women use extraordinary beauty and sexual prowess to combat power at the highest levels of society. Together D.I.S.C. must stop the scientist selling his new super weapon on the international black market. But Deadelus is not working alone and the enemy controlling him has plans to conquor the world. Only D.I.S.C.’s surefire knowledge of science and human flesh give them the edge in their hottest assignement to date.