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Good for keeping down the urges

We just wanted to let you know that Kellogg’s Cornflakes were originally invented by Dr. Kellogg in the hope he could discourage people from masturbating.

Lucky for us, his experiment was a total failure. We can’t say that cornflakes turn us on, but neither do they turn us off. We had to confess to not linking Cornflakes and masturbation at all.

Fortunately, both masturbation and Kellogg’s Cornflakes survived this odd little moment in history and we now know that masturbation is really good for us.

So please feel free to masturbate and eat Cornflakes to your heart’s desire.

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Make it Kinky and masturbate together – advice from NYC Health department.

In New York City, a release of guidelines to make our COVID-19 re-emergence safer, has produced some interesting guidelines. They released an official document with some interesting guidelines.

Among the guidelines we’d expect were some that took us by surprise:

  • Make it a little kinky. Be creative with sexual positions and physical barriers, like walls, that allow sexual contact while preventing close face to face contact.
  • Masturbate together. Use physical distance and face coverings to reduce the risk.

Skip kissing and rimming as both could spread the virus:

  • Kissing can easily pass the virus. Avoid kissing anyone who is not part of your small circle of close contacts.
  • Rimming (mouth on anus) might spread the virus. Virus in faeces may enter your mouth and could lead to infection


Check out the full paper here.


(AJAX Books are not affiliated with NYC department of health in any way, we just thought this was neat.)

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How has Coronavirus affected your sex life?


We were surprised (perhaps naively) to find that Agony Aunt Coleen Nolan of The Daily Mail in the UK, has been inundated with messages from Britons claiming their sex life has been adversely affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

Now, this is not singles who can’t go out.

This is couples for whom being locked in a house with their significant other ruins their sex life.

Are you one of these folks?

Of course, if this is you, there are plenty of blog posts on our site to give you some ideas to make your COVID-19 lockdown a sexy one. Also, you can always read one of our books and get your libido going.

However, if you feel like it, Coleen Nolan is asking folk to fill in her survey examining this phenomenon.

You can take that survey here.

Please note, we are not affiliated with Coleen Nolan or The Daily Mail. We just thought this was neat.


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Lifting the Bonk Ban

Just because our image here is straight, doesn’t mean the rules are straight.

In Australia, there is much discussion about how to safely integrate casual sex into a post COVID-19 lockdown society. The basic rules apply, wash your hands, practice general social distancing and don’t hook up if unwell.

The Australian Society for HIV, Viral Hepatitis and Sexual Health Medicine (ASHM) has come on board to issue some guidelines for how to have casual sex as we all re-emerge from our COVID-19 safe spaces.

The guidelines go as far as to suggest:

“Have an encounter that does not involve touching,” is one tip, or have “online encounters” via webcams, apps and texting.

But most people will likely want to get physical. If that’s the case, consider washing or showering beforehand and engaging in “short encounters”.

Given the main transmission method for COVID-19 is through exhaled droplets, the new normal sex advice is to say no to snogging.

“Avoid kissing, saliva exchange, face touching … and positions which involved face-to-face contact.

“Have sex that reduces the amount of contact with bodily secretions, use condoms and dental dams to reduce contact with saliva, semen, vaginal secretions etc,” the ASHM task force memo advised.

Objects shouldn’t be shared that may have bodily fluids on them while sex toys and other surfaces should be cleaned frequently. Wash sheets after sex to give the virus, if it’s there at all, the flick.

For more information, check out the ASHM website here.

(Please note, AJAX Books is not affiliated with ASHM we are just passing on info we read.)


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Looking for Fresh Porn?

Apparently, it’s official.

We’re all getting a bit sick of porn – well given how we’re now masturbating up to five times a day (!) at the moment, it’s no wonder.

For us, the best porn has always been and will always be a good book.

We have the next installment of White Flesh, Black Market. Spies in the House of Lust about to come out. We’ve had a wonderful time reading it and editing book two and we can’t wait to share it with you.

Before we launch it – get a copy of book one.

Shake it up (!) and use a book.

You won’t be sorry.

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Learn Sexy Skills in Lockdown

There are a bunch of cheap courses on Udemy and a few other places. Below is a list of five of our particular favourite courses to get into that will advance your sex drive and keep you in touch with the beautiful side of your physical self.

  1. Lovehoney on You Tube. Sure they sell products. However, they also give out lots of info.
  2. Yoga for intimacy. This is a wonderful idea. We love this.
  3. Learn how to make cocktails. Always something sexy about cocktails.
  4. Learn how to give a massage.
  5. Master the art of Blowjobs. We found the course on Udemy.



We have no affilliation with any of the above links. We just like them and are spreading the word.

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Improve Sexual Communication

We found this luscious little article from the South China Morning Post by Lisa Tam that came up with the following list compiled by Sarah Tang of Sarasense. It offers a nice little list of possibilities to improve communication for couples.

How to improve sexual communication

  1. Compile a sex bucket list of things you want to try together when lockdown is over
  2. Create a “sexual desire inventory” of things that turn you on and off, then compare notes
  3. Sit opposite each other without touching and gaze into each other’s eyes for 10 minutes uninterrupted
  4. Try syncing your breath with your partner. This meditative Tantric practice focuses your attention on each other and is a powerful intimacy tool
  5. Curate sexy playlists of music that gets you both “in the mood”



We aren’t affiliated with The South China Post or Sarasense in any way. We just liked the article. We receive no benefit if you click on the link.

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What do sexually satisfied couples do in bed?

I found this wonderful little article on practicing sex therapist Dr. Justin Lehmiller’s blog.

It cites five key differences between couples (hetro-normative it should be noted) who claim to be satisfied in their sex life. These five differences are:

  1. Spend time getting in the mood
  2. Practice sexual communication
  3. Receive oral sex
  4. Be happier with the relationship in general
  5. Engage in more acts of sexual variety.

It’s the last one that sparks an interest.

In his article there is a list of the top variety interests by gender.


Check the article out here.


We have no affiliation with Dr. Justin Lehmillers blog. We just liked this article.

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Use massage for seduction

Massage porn became the surprise hit a few years back. It is still a favourite for both men and women.

Massage is a great way to get your partner in the mood. It’s also a great way to spend a little quality time outside of the regular routine. A good idea would be to plan two massages. Each gets a turn at being the masseuse.

Here are a couple of tips to ensure massage time with your partner always has a happy ending.

  1. Make sure room temperature is right. You have to be comfortable naked.
  2. Create a makeshift massage bed. Mattress on the floor or better still, a mattress on the dining table.
  3. Lots of oil. Make sure you have towels and covers to protect your objects, while being able to use lots of oil.
  4. Follow a crash massage course online. YouTube, Udemy and the like. Take the course together first, then do the sexy-thang.
  5. Watch and read some massage porn. Work out how to get the hands into the right area with slow sensual play.
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Masturbaton is not wrong

Beating one out has gotten a lot of bad press lately.

It’s important to remember The Church has been anti-masturbation for centuries. Prohibition extends from a desire to control sexual habits that works in social engineering. Whatever the motivation, controlling what we do in private when we hurt no one should be questioned.

Just as you can be influenced to stop masturbating, you can be influenced to masturbate to one image over another.

Protect your right to masturbate. Be fussy about what stimulates you.

But most of all, question anyone, every time, if they try to tell you it’s wrong.

That includes if they try to make you feel guilty.