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Kinky Sex for Starters

We found this neat little article written by Rosie Saunders that offers 5 expert tips for beginners wanting to engage in kink in order to spice up your love life.

We always recommend reading some pornography, particularly what we sell on this site, as it always gets the motor running for couples seeking to get a little heat back into their day. Mostly hetero couples, but we have had positive feedback on some queer couples also.

This article recommends the 5 following starters:

  1. Research
  2. Build up slowly
  3. Establish boundaries
  4. Choose a safe word
  5. Remember aftercare.

Check out the full article at Netdoctor here. We are not affiliated with Netdoctor nor the writers of this article. We just thought it was worth spreading around.


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Free Vibrators in Lockdown

Yes, it’s a thing.

To assist with the spike in COVID-19 women’s pleasure product brand, Womanizer has launched a giveaway to Australian’s who live in the state of Victoria. It will encourage Australian’s in quarantine to practice safe self-pleasure.

We thought this was a magnificent idea and hopped on to check out the Womanizer pleasure range only to find that the freebies are all taken.

However, doesn’t it give you a bit of a thrill to think of all those Womanizer vibes being used in quarantine?

We thought so.

You can check out Womanizers vibe here. We are not affiliated with Womanizer in any way. We just thought this was interesting.

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Sex Bucket List: 31 through to 45

We are still going with this bucket list of 50 things to do in bed that you have to try in your lifetime. We really liked The Wheelbarrow one of course, because it is based on one of the most famous erotic books in the world. We were divided over the rest, though all of us had at least a soft spot for sex on a chair. We liked that one.

So here we go. The sexy bucket list continues. If you want to read the original article in the Daily Mail the link is here.

  1. Have a 69er. Yes, yes, it’s hard to focus on doing a good job your end, if your partner’s doing a great job. But mutual satisfaction is sexual efficiency at its best (and if you turn it on its side and rest your heads on each other’s thighs, it can be comfortable).
  2. Have multiple orgasms. The trick is to switch to using different stimulation: move from oral to intercourse, to using a vibrator.
  3. Have a G-spot orgasm. The jury’s still out on whether there is an actual ‘spot’ but there’s absolutely no doubt that the front vaginal wall (the bit under your tummy) is very sensitive and produces highly erotic feelings when stimulated.
  4. Have sex on the kitchen counter. Who cares if the dinner gets burned?
  5. Sex on a chair. Make it one without arms so you can straddle their lap.
  6. Have break-up sex. Either poignant and tender or anger-fuelled and lusty.
  7. Have make-up sex. Ditto.
  8. Have a one-night stand. Stranger sex is liberating, especially for a female – you can let loose without any fear of being judged.
  9. Doing ‘The Wheelbarrow’. The classic Kama Sutra show-off position everyone wishes they’d be caught doing.
  10. Sex while horribly drunk. Alcohol loosens inhibitions.
  11. Sex in a tent at a festival. Usually performed in the above state.
  12. Sex on a beach. Sand gets in places you never imagined but it’s high on both drama and romance.
  13. Sex involving food. They do it in the movies and as long as you avoid putting oily or spicy foods inside the body, it’s safe and sexy to smear.
  14. Sex with someone much older. They can teach you a thing or two.
  15. Sex with someone much younger. You can teach them.
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How has Coronavirus affected your sex life?


We were surprised (perhaps naively) to find that Agony Aunt Coleen Nolan of The Daily Mail in the UK, has been inundated with messages from Britons claiming their sex life has been adversely affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

Now, this is not singles who can’t go out.

This is couples for whom being locked in a house with their significant other ruins their sex life.

Are you one of these folks?

Of course, if this is you, there are plenty of blog posts on our site to give you some ideas to make your COVID-19 lockdown a sexy one. Also, you can always read one of our books and get your libido going.

However, if you feel like it, Coleen Nolan is asking folk to fill in her survey examining this phenomenon.

You can take that survey here.

Please note, we are not affiliated with Coleen Nolan or The Daily Mail. We just thought this was neat.


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Learn Sexy Skills in Lockdown

There are a bunch of cheap courses on Udemy and a few other places. Below is a list of five of our particular favourite courses to get into that will advance your sex drive and keep you in touch with the beautiful side of your physical self.

  1. Lovehoney on You Tube. Sure they sell products. However, they also give out lots of info.
  2. Yoga for intimacy. This is a wonderful idea. We love this.
  3. Learn how to make cocktails. Always something sexy about cocktails.
  4. Learn how to give a massage.
  5. Master the art of Blowjobs. We found the course on Udemy.



We have no affilliation with any of the above links. We just like them and are spreading the word.

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What do sexually satisfied couples do in bed?

I found this wonderful little article on practicing sex therapist Dr. Justin Lehmiller’s blog.

It cites five key differences between couples (hetro-normative it should be noted) who claim to be satisfied in their sex life. These five differences are:

  1. Spend time getting in the mood
  2. Practice sexual communication
  3. Receive oral sex
  4. Be happier with the relationship in general
  5. Engage in more acts of sexual variety.

It’s the last one that sparks an interest.

In his article there is a list of the top variety interests by gender.


Check the article out here.


We have no affiliation with Dr. Justin Lehmillers blog. We just liked this article.

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Use massage for seduction

Massage porn became the surprise hit a few years back. It is still a favourite for both men and women.

Massage is a great way to get your partner in the mood. It’s also a great way to spend a little quality time outside of the regular routine. A good idea would be to plan two massages. Each gets a turn at being the masseuse.

Here are a couple of tips to ensure massage time with your partner always has a happy ending.

  1. Make sure room temperature is right. You have to be comfortable naked.
  2. Create a makeshift massage bed. Mattress on the floor or better still, a mattress on the dining table.
  3. Lots of oil. Make sure you have towels and covers to protect your objects, while being able to use lots of oil.
  4. Follow a crash massage course online. YouTube, Udemy and the like. Take the course together first, then do the sexy-thang.
  5. Watch and read some massage porn. Work out how to get the hands into the right area with slow sensual play.
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Simple habits that will boost your sexual performance

You’re probably doing some of the best things that encourage effective sexual performance. If you like your coffee, like to workout and eat your vegies then you are already putting in some good effort toward keeping your sexual performance rocketing along.

However, there are some that are not so commonly known. Below is a list of some things you can do to keep your sexual performance at its very best.

  1. If you suffer from premature ejaculation, you’re best to ‘practice’ keeping your ultimate urge in check. When you are alone, go for porn with a slower burn rate. We recommend books (of course) and particularly those you can buy on this website. (grin)
  2. Deep breathing exercises to calm stress. Yeah – stress can inhibit performance. Again, the answer is a little ‘me’ time. Not necessarily to get into it alone, but definitely to connect with your self and de stress.
  3. Omega-3 fatty acids. Get yourself into salmon, sardines, avocadoes and nuts.
  4. Get a bit of sun. That warmth on your bod really does help reinvigorate your interest in the bedroom.
  5. Read erotica instead of watching it. Not kidding. Reading porn can stimulate you to take a little longer, be more creative and see the world in an erotic (rather than titillating) way.
  6. Focus on the foreplay. By concentrating on foreplay, you get more time in intimacy and more time in the erotic build up. It’s all very healthy.
  7. Get a hobby and get really good at it. Became brilliant at making cocktails, or making incredible vegan food, learn a language or be an expert in a sexy style of music. This extra attention paid to the mind gives you the opportunity to expand what might stimulate you and it makes you very interesting to your partner.

That’s just a few to get us all going.

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With your partner in Lockdown, Make sex a priority

There is no better time to spice up your sex life than when in lockdown. For many couples, no distraction of outside interests is good for their sex life. For others being cooped up in the house is makes once crave a bit of ‘me’ time in order to find the other attractive.

Try to work out what you need and take responsibility for it. Tell your partner, work out how to make it happen, and come back to them refreshed when you’ve had some space.

It’s a wonderful time to fulfil a couple of ‘office’ style fantasies. Everyone is joking about not wearing pants. What about having a partner sitting under your desk while you’re online and not wearing pants?

What about buying each other a cocktail at ‘after dinner drinks’ time and having it delivered.

What about buying some fairy lights to make a corner of the backyard sexy for after work drinks?

It doesn’t all have to be about booze, but it does have to be about relaxation.

Just whatever you do, turn your lockdown into a time when you get laid. A lot.