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The Masturbation Coach

Do you need a coach to learn how to masturbate?

Sophia Benolt examined the idea and application of going to a masturbation coach. While it sounds like a cooked-up job, masturbation coaches are crucial in helping clients deal with issues like premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction and achieving orgasm.

We thought it was a wonderful relief to be able to go and talk to someone who is a professional in these areas.

So we wanted to share the article here.

GQ has gotten a lot of love on our blog this week. This is just a reminder that we are not affiliated in any way, we just share posts that we like.

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Masturbation without Porn

In general, we here at AJAX Books are all about the porn. Whether you want to call it erotica, soft core or pornography, we are passionate about the demystification of pornography so that it doesn’t have to live inside the tarnished emotions of judgment, guilt, and fear.

However, masturbation without pornography does not hurt the porn industry. We feel, especially after reading this article in the Huffpost. That masturbation without porn can actually stimulate a deeper interest in one’s own sexuality.

And it can lead to exploring more and different types of stimulation from the Kama Sutra through to erotic literature.

So, check out the article written by Brittany Wong right here, and have a go at using masturbation to discover your body.

You might even like to try one of the fabulous books here at AJAX Books to get the juices going before you start. We’re just sayin’.

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We’d never heard of Fleshlight before. It wasn’t until we checked out Maitland Ward that we even heard of it.

But they have some great products and we wanted to give them a huge shout out.

We particularly liked the Stamina training units which we thought were a wonderful idea.

Sex Toys are really healthy all the time, but particularly during a pandemic.

Thanks to companies like Fleshlight, toys are interesting and available these days.

And don’t forget, your support porn can always be a book. We’re just sayin.

AJAX Books isn’t affiliated with Fleshlight – we just think it’s cool.

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The Autoblow

In the course of our week, we have discovered that not everyone knows about the wonderful Autoblow machine. So, this is a catch-up post for those who like to catch up.

We have to confess; we have not tried the Autoblow. But many people have and we can see their reviews on YouTube, so help yourself when the time is right.

But we felt that it was our duty, being so into self-pleasure and all, to bring this marvelous invention to a wider public.

Apparently the newest iteration of the Autoblow, the AI Autoblow crowd-funded its way into notoriety ion 2018.

This AI version is bigger, better, and smarter and apparently any kinks are now out of the prototype. (pardon the pun)

So, if you want your own Autoblow, pop over to the website and grab it and some other toys for boys.

We are not affiliated – we just thought this was a lot of fun.


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Should married people masturbate?

Is masturbation something you give up when you have a life partner? Do you masturbate as a stopgap between now and when you next have sex?

There are two primary schools of thought, on the whole, masturbate in partnership practice.

There is the idea that masturbation is the thing you do when your partner isn’t cutting it. Then there is the theory that masturbation enhances and adds to the sexual space you share with another person.

A recent study published in the national library of Medicine has found that in a sexually satisfying straight relationship, a woman will masturbate more and a man less. That means women masturbate to compliment and men masturbate to compensate.

Sexual dissatisfaction was still an indicator of more masturbation in both men and women when associated with frequency. Mismatched libidos are a thing!

We read a bit in Psychology Today about this. You can find the article here. You can find the research paper here.

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Spice up your masturbation

7 ways to spice up your masturbation time

  1. Get a new vibe
  2. Find a new place
  3. Wear something sexy
  4. Read instead of watch
  5. Do it with someone else online or in person
  6. Listen instead
  7. Try a new position

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Why you have better orgasms alone

It’s very common for people to experience greater sexual pleasure in masturbation than they do with a sex partner. If you are having this experience, you should know you are not alone and it is very common. There are a lot of reasons for this, but the most common is lack of sexual satisfaction from sex with your partner.

The next thing you should know is that if you want to change this, you can. You can try to talk to a partner you feel isn’t touching you the way you want to be touched. You can also use masturbation to experiment with your body and then work with your partner.

All of this depends on the level of commitment and intimacy you are willing to offer your partner.

And of course, it stands to reason, that if you are with someone that is a bit cold in bed, always ‘does it wrong’ or can’t perform in some way, be careful not to label them as deficient. They may be masturbating when you leave the house because you are deficient. If you have a partner who is a little hesitant in bed, then you can be the sort of person they might want to talk to.

That is, of course, if your aim is to experience your greatest orgasm with your partner.

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Is Masturbation good for you?

Not only is masturbation good for you (healthy, normal) but it can actually assist in a relationship.

Active solo sex life has been linked to:

  1. Boosted mood
  2. Reduced stress
  3. Improved self-image.

In terms of a relationship, it can be accurate that sex begets more sex. If you are in the habit of masturbating while in a relationship, it can lead to being comfortable with sex and it can lead to wanting to share your sex life with your partner. Masturbation and pornography can lead to an inquisitive nature and an excitement in the expansive attitude to sex.

It does not always and necessarily follow that those who masturbate are troubled, or Addicted to pleasuring their own bodies.

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Keep it Real Online

Check this out.

The New Zealand Government has released an advertisement that promotes the idea that porn stars are real and encourages parents to talk to their kids about pornography and the difference between what is represented there and real-world relationships.

It takes an overall permissive attitude to pornography, while encouraging the path of education to make the difference.

We love it, and support the idea of demystifying porn rather than presuming all porn is bad for everyone connected to it.

Check it out below.

Please note, we are not affiliated with the New Zealand Government, we just thought this was cool.

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If it worries you that your partner might be self-gratifying, ask yourself what sort of negative messages you may be taught about masturbating as you were growing up?

It’s normal to masturbate. Your partner might be inclined to explore and work on what makes them happy.

This can only be good for your sex life.